4 Ways to Beat the Long Hitter

  1. Hit it straight
    Nothing gets inside an extended hitters head faster than a fairway hitting opponent. the likelihood is that the long hitter isn’t the foremost accurate driver of the ball, keep the warmth on by hitting the green the maximum amount as possible. If you’ve got to use a hybrid club or an iron off the tee to stay the ball within the fairway, the mental fringe of hitting the green outweighs the loss of distance.
  2. Hit the green
    Most of if not all of the time you’ll be hitting first, keep the warmth on by hitting the green If he knows you’re watching birdie putts all day, it starts to decline him
  3. Have an honest short game
    The short game is the true equalizer on the golf links. If you’ve got a pointy short game you’ll compete against any golfer on the earth.
  4. Ignore his distance
    Accept the very fact he hits the ball 50 to 60 yards past you. If you accept the very fact that distance doesn’t matter, you’ll have another psychological advantage. What difference does it make if he’s hitting a wedge and you’re hitting a 7 iron for your second shot? Golf is all about getting the ball within the hole within the fewest strokes, not how you bought the ball within the fewest strokes.

When you are playing a match against an extended hitter, and let’s face it, with the technology in golf clubs, golf balls, strength training, and nutrition, guys are hitting the ball 300 plus yards on a daily basis. the very fact still remains that once you are on the golf links you’re walking (or riding) with a bag of tools. it’s just a matter of using the proper tool for the task at hand. Does it really matter what club it takes you to hit a ball 150 yards? Whether it is a 6, 7,8, or 9 iron shouldn’t interest you, and your opponent’s club selection should be the last item from your mind during a match.

The pride of the long hitters game is hitting it long, therefore the incontrovertible fact that you’ll compete with him without having to hit the 300-yard drives is already an advantage in your favor if you select to seem at it that way. As a brief hitter, you ought to specialize in keeping the pressure on the maximum amount as possible. The four steps that I even have outlined will offer you the mental edge that you simply got to negate the long drives that your opponent is blasting past you.

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